Strategy  Consulting

Andes Advisory provides you with highly qualified and experienced professionals who will deliver the required technical expertise, market intelligence and practical business acumen to effectively and efficiently achieve your business objectives.


We collaborate hand-in-hand with Management to evaluate assumptions and create innovative and practical solutions based on sound and well thought out analysis.


We will work closely with you to develop a strategic framework which will ensure alignment in the following areas amongst others:

  • Developing a comprehensive Strategic Business Plan to drive high performance

  • Optimise Revenue Growth opportunities

  • Unlock Digital possibilities to engage audiences and deliver cost efficiencies

  • Refining Business Process Improvement

  • Establishing an enduring business Succession Plan

  • Defining metrics of Organisational Performance and the Goal Achievement Plan

  • Identify and implement IT Strategy and Plan to support business practice

  • Implementing a Human Capital Strategy to leverage your greatest asset

  • Guiding the Project Management And Governance process

  • Assess and avoid risk associated with Business, Cost and Price Analysis and Financial Modelling

Digital Innovation Consulting

The disruptive impact of emerging digital technologies impact every industry and segment. Conventional competitive barriers are slowly being eroded in some markets or entirely displaced in others.


Will your organization be the disruptor or the disrupted?

Andes Advisory will provide you with experienced digital solutions consultants who can help you identify your unique digital possibilities and the choices you may need to make by using insightful trends, practical tools and comprehensive channels.

Our digital framework is a valuable tool in shaping digital capability and aspiration through the following ways:

  • Provides a self-assessment Digital IQ instrument to identify where you are on the digital continuum

  • Initiate a Digital Health Check to establish your organisation’s digital coverage in relation to best practice

  • Prioritise using an Opportunity Assessment Framework in accordance with needs and aspirations

  • Assess the integrity of your organisation or your projects via their Digital Footprint to determine strategic gaps and opportunities, using relevant benchmarks

  • Provide a Digital Roadmap to establish how to compete; evolve organically, transform the business or establish a new digitally enabled business models

  • Plot and track progress towards digital goals using the Goal Achievement Plan

  • Source, Acquire and Implement the digital tools needed for transformation

  • Secure valuable IP by implementing Cloud and Related Governance Strategies and

  • Oversee the Change Management and coaching required to ensure readiness to embrace digital thinking that will create new possibilities

Technology Consulting

Our clients rely on Andes Advisory to perform comprehensive reviews and technology health checks, develop strategic solutions to technology challenges and implement critical process improvements.

Andes Advisory technology will work hand-in-hand with you to avoid potential pitfalls and achieve your business goals through our deep expertise and practical experience.


As our partner, we tailor the most practical and appropriate solution for you and you will access innovative and practical solutions to business challenges that you will experience through the various stages of your technology life cycle:

  • Alignment with your business objectives through IT Strategy and Planning

  • Successful stakeholders adoption through a comprehensive Change Management program

  • Robust and tailored Project Management and Governance methodologies

  • Insightful and intuitive Business System Review

  • End-to-end Infrastructure/Managed Services Advisory capability

  • Affordable outsourced engagements such as CIO as a Service

  • A diagnostic IT Review

  • Disaster Recovery Planning to manage contingency and risk

  • Comprehensive Vendor Selection across all technology platforms and services

  • IT Organisational Capability

  • Business Case Development

  • IT Security

  • Digital Strategy

  • Business Analysis

  • Cost and Pricing Analysis

  • Business Intelligence / Analytics

Accounting and Business Advisory

Andes Advisory works closely with our clients to identify and organize critical information that is relevant to their decision making regardless of whether they are starting up or further along in the lifecycle of their businesses.


We proactively identify problems that need to be managed or planned for and develop forward plans to steer a clear course to success for our client’s business.

Our Accounting and Business advisors can deliver to you a multitude of benefits including:

  • Efficient, timely and cost effective preparation of meaningful financial and non-financial information

  • Analysis of both financial and non-financial information being recorded within your business and presented to you in a sensible and transparent way

  • Monitoring and projecting cash flows to ensure long term sustainability of your business

  • Access to analytical tools and templates to help perform analysis in an efficient and effective way

  • Access to our network of legal, finance and other commercial service providers to support your broader business needs

Corporate Finance Advisory

Andes Advisory understands that a successful transaction is one based on making the right decision where all pertinent facts have been considered – from ensuring the end result is always kept in sight, be it growth, higher profitability, improved market share or competitive edge, through to minimising the associated risks inherent in any transaction.


At Andes Advisory, our clients are confident we will bring all of our commercial experience and practical knowledge, together with sound strategic advice to maximise their business potential and ensure positive outcomes from their transactions.


Andes Advisory recognises the importance of clients receiving independent expert advice which is why we have dedicated a team of transaction specialists to service the needs of our clients.

Our corporate finance advisory department comprises the following 5 key specialised areas:

  • Business acquisitions

  • Sale of business

  • IPOs and capital markets

  • Capital structuring

  • Valuations


Andes Advisory helps our client stay ahead of the competition and take full advantage of growth opportunities to expand their business and increase their wealth.


Our clients rely on us to ensure their acquisitions are strategic and successful, bringing immediate synergy benefits both through increased revenue or reach and reduced costs.


By partnering with us, our clients know they will receive a full range of mergers and acquisitions services such that they are closely guided every step of the journey.

Tax Consulting

A key business strategy for any organisation is to manage their tax obligations at the same time as maximising profits, but within legal and statutory requirements.


Working with Andes Advisory means your business has access to the most experienced, professional and personable tax experts in the middle market so you get superior levels of service and commercial advice for maximum outcomes.

The combination of technical strength, practical business experience and commitment to excellence ensure clients receive the best advice available that aligns with corporate goals and objectives.

Andes Advisory’s clients have benefited from the firm’s strong relationships with key principals in various regional and national tax agencies resulting from working with these departments over many years both directly and in reviewing and commenting on confidential releases of draft taxation legislation and other specific tax legislation issues.

Andes Advisory can provide a multitude of benefits on tax matters especially on:

  • The efficient and effective management of all your tax obligations regardless of complexity or size

  • Knowing your business interests will be represented in an ever-changing and increasingly complex legislative environment


All your tax obligations arising from your business and corporate transactions will be met and dealt with in an efficient, expedient and professional manner

HR consultinG

Andes Advisory recognises that attracting and creating human capital requires genuine and targeted HR insights, practical and cost effective solutions, and a flexible delivery model that supports and guides your organisation.


Andes Advisory works hand-in-hand with you to comprehensively understand your specific needs and issues, identify an efficient and effective approach, and implementing systems, processes and strategies to guide you in building an A-team.

Our HR consultants will help shape the various dimensions of your organisation’s HR strategy through:

  • Development of HR Strategy and Planning initiatives aligned to the business plan

  • Effective Staff Communication programs to enhance employee engagement

  • Implementation of optimal Staff Performance Management methods including development planning

  • Development of Position Clarity and Organisational Structure Design

  • Emerging and existing Talent Management activities to drive business performance

  • HR Audit and Legislative Compliance with current workplace legislation

  • Various phases of Workplace Change Management to support organisational change

  • Navigation of the Industrial and Employee Relations landscape to manage complex workplace scenarios

  • Provision of Generalist HR Services via a flexible outsourced model

  • Design and implementation of Staff Culture and Engagement programs including climate surveys

  • Design and facilitation of Staff Training and Leadership Development and

  • Insightful Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and support